The Handlers
Circa 1969-1971


Left to Right

Sgt Steve Rayburn/Major, Sgt Rudy Montego/Rinny (# 83M1), Sgt Tom Maines/Ed (forground), Sgt John  Kammer/Jerry, SSgt Rufus Turnham, A1C Bernie Turnbloom/Shannon (# 37M4), A1C Kenny Perrodin/Duke (# 62M7), Sgt Steve Hoene/Mister (# 1S91), SSgt Marshall Knapp and A1C Donald Shultz/Troy

Photo Above & Caption Courtesy of Dick Frost & Bill Cummings
Photo Below 
Above: (L-R):  Dennis Brown, Tommy Cockcroft & Barney Oldham
Courtesy of Tommy Cockroft

U-Tapao Handlers (1970-1971) on a 2 1/2 Ton Truck AKA "Deuce"
Left Side (L-R): Sgt's Lonnie Beeson, Jerry Snyder, Kevin Reed & Art Sanchez (Near Cab)
Right Side  Center Sgt Merle Newton & Glen Odum (Wearing Beret)
Photo Courtesy of  Tommy Cockroft
1969-70 Demo Team   (Left To Right)

John Crabb/Prince 8M59, Unknown Dog Team, SSgt Larry Snyder/Training NCO; 
Russell Croco/Zorro X193; Thomas Dawson/Smokey X430; 
Unknown Handler (In Back), Rick Armondo, Craig Smith/Whitney 183M




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