Thai Handlers
of U-Tapao


Last Name First Name Dog  Handler
Anant Unk. Rex 9A77
Boongrone Unk. Shep 69M1
Boonsueb Unk. Gretchen 63M5
Chalarm Unk. Trojan M553
Jirasak Unk. Tiger/Sport 9A57/3K04
Jom Unk. Thunder 678M
Julsak Unk. Tiki 7A19
Khuamuang Unk. Senta 891A
Luan Unk. Blaze/Shep 88A0/69M1
Nhob Unk. Bimbo S419
Pho Unk. Smokey 3X98
Prakob Unk. Nav M828
Prateeb Unk. Thunder/Tiki/Buster 678M/7A19/3X71 
Preecha Unk. Mac/Rusty/Eric/Zoro/Ali 3M72/88M7/861A/X193/16A0
Puds Unk. Troy 7A52
Ranong Unk. Whitey 18M3
Raodg Unk. Shep 69M1
Samak Unk. King/Senta/Zoooro 898A/891A/X193
Sanit Unk. Trazen/Duke 392A/705M
Saweng Unk. Rex 0H23
Sootin Unk. Rusty 88M7
Sumrit Unk. Tiki 7A19
Supal Unk. Zoro X193
Supat Unk. Trazen 392A
Supol Unk. Gretchen 63M5
Tawee Unk. Bimbo S419
Waeng Unk. Buster 3X71
Wmnowy Vilalert Prince 8M59
Thooy Visarawoor Tarzan X810
Sedta W. Prince 8M59
Sudia W. Sport 3K04
Sudta W. Smokey X430
Sudts W. Mac 7X34
Sutus Wongpun Mike M406
Narangsun T. Kriss 72X5
Narungson T. Buster 3X71
Pho T. Nikki/Troy 22A8/72A
Prayoon T. Trojan/King M553/41M3
Sama T. Buster 3X71
Thong T. Ed 53M4
Jumlong S. Thunder 678M
Sompong S. King 41M3
Sungwein S. Shep 69M1
Wung S. Prince 264X
Thong Pliu Rex 0H23
Somkio Pojorn Bullet 1M95
Song P Duke 705M
Boonyong P. Hombre 412M
Nob P. Gretchen 63M5
Pairat P. Duke 705M
Prim P. Zoro X193
Prokog P. Pistol 540M
Surin P. King/Boysay/King 898A/26M6/898A
Viska P. Troy 7A52
Boonrugng N. Rusty 88M7
Krahuan Nongpoyak Lucky 9M18
Joom Pol Nikki/Sport/Rusty 22A8/3K40/88M7
Nob R. Ted M201
Bonjob I. Buster 3X71
Buvleg Iniriew Coffee 903M
Lam Duan  Tarzan/Buster X810/3X71
Boon Choo Troy 7A52
Prakor C. Trojan M553
Songkram C. Thunder/Mac X912/7X34
Dej Boon Hombre 412M
Sanit B. Gretchen 63M5
Supol B. Mister 63M8
Boon Choo Troy 7A52
Somchai Jangjai Tiger 9A57
Preehar K. Whitey 18M3
Tawoe K. Kriss 72X5
Prathcom M. Rex 9A77
Somchai Jangjai Tiger 9A57

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