Do you have
 health problems ?
Years ago, I read a report that necropsy reports on military dogs in Vietnam suffered a much higher rate of testicular cancer than military dogs assigned elsewhere. 

Testicular Cancer in a Military Working Dog.

I thought about all the months I spent walking behind my dog in Vietnam....... If he had a higher risk, what about me? Did I have testicular  cancer risk?  

Do you have a risk of testicular cancer ?

As I started attending VSPA reunions, I noticed that the majority of old dog handlers seemed to be have diabetes. At the 2004 VSPA reunion at Tucson, the subject came up at the banquet table. As webmaster, many photos of Thailand bases had been sent to me. Many had the same bare dirt perimeter look that some Vietnam bases had (Phu Cat AB Air Base, RVN 1970). We discussed the fact that Thailand veterans were shut out of VA healthcare. Thailand - Vietnam Vets For Equity in Treatment (TVVET) was born that night to address the issue of unequal treatment for veterans of South-East Asia service. 

Years passed, but the VA has acknowledged that AO exposure occurred for some personnel stationed in Thailand.

Agent Orange in Thailand ?  

Many veterans had increased exposure to hazardous chemicals and tropical diseases, caused by multiple tours in South East Asia (SEA). "Herbicides were used by the U.S. military to defoliate military facilities in the U.S. and in other countries as far back as the 1950s. Even if you did not serve in Vietnam, you can still apply for service-connected benefits if you were exposed to an herbicide while in the military which you believe caused your disease or injury. If you have a disease which is on the list of diseases recognized by the VA as being associated with Agent Orange, the VA requires: 

  1. a medical diagnosis of a disease which VA recognizes as being associated with Agent Orange (listed below),

  2. competent evidence of exposure to a chemical contained in one of the herbicides used in Vietnam (2,4-D; 2,4,5-T and its contaminant TCDD; cacodylic acid; or picloram), and

  3. competent medical evidence that the disease began within the deadline for that disease (if any). " 

Malathion Exposure ?

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