Photo Gallery-4


Photo Above: Tarzan K053,  Handled by Charlie Berry 

Handlers know how to party! 
No hamburgers or hot dogs
 for this crowd.



Udorn Pig Roast "Southern Style" 1/1/71

Left To Right: Frank Bohler, James D Williams, Kenneth Dickinson, 
the Pig (Guest of Honor), and Charlie Blood

Joe Robinson in his pig disguise. 

Photos Above Courtesy of Charlie Blood


 Left To Right: Mark Goff   with K9-X093; Larry Crawford with Hasso 0K69; James D Williams with Eric/4M81; Glenn Hester with K9/528M; and TSgt Jack Gilman drilling the teams. Proficiency training was conducted several times a week. 

Patrol Dog Demonstration 1970

Photos Above Courtesy of Charlie Blood

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