Thai Handlers
of Udorn
Last Name First Name Tour Dog's Name Brand #
Amphoen Unk. 1973 Rex 528M 
Amphorn Unk. 1971 Mickey 1A88
Athit Unk. 1973 Tarzan K053 
Boonkhon Unk. 1972 King M692
Boonstom Unk. 1974 Tiu 1M37
Chalee Unk. 1971 Mike M930 
Chamnong Unk. 1971 Mickey/Prince 1A88/51X9
Champee Unk. 1971 Hasso/Count/Lucky 0K69/M952/14M0
Chant Unk. 1972 Shadow 5K72
Charoon Unk. 1974 Maxie/Rebel 86A7/112A 
Intaravichien Eiw  1972 Handler WIA Unknown Dog
Kam Unk. 1972 Baron/Mike/Silver M083/M930/41M0
Kamai Unk. 1971 Liz/Fritz X826/6X33
Buengchaipoom Kam-Ai 1972 Handler KIA Unknown Dog
Kharn Unk. 1975 Lucky 14M0
Kongchoon Unk. 1973 Chris/Fritzi 77M3/M449
Kummai Unk. 1972 Shadow 5K72
Lamehuan Unk. 1973 Mike M930 
Lueb Unk. 1970 King M692
Luen Unk. 1972 Maxie/Shawnee 86A7/A840
Luen Unk. 1972 Shep/Spooky 4M07/03M6
Ngun Unk. 1971 Silver 41M0 
Pichit Unk. 1975 King M692
Promma Unk. 1971 Toni 4A93 
Sanarn Unk. 1973 Poco 6K88 
Sathit Unk. 1972 Fritz/Liz 6X33/X826
Sawai Unk. 1974 Buck 12M3
Sawat Unk. 1971 Duke/Dunker/Mickey X093/38M7/1A88
Sern Unk. 1975 Brix 636A 
Shatchawal Unk. 1971 Sargent 4M59
Sompharn Unk. 1972 Liz X826
Sonti Unk. 1971 Fritz 6X33
Soon Chankampher 1971 Chen 659M
Suphat Unk. 1972 Dunker/Tiu 38M7/1M37
Thong Unk. 1971 Rebel X917 
Thool Unk. 1972 Lassie 485A
Uan Unk. 1971 Prince X198
Uankamuandee Unk. 1971 Prince 51X9
Van Unk. 1973 Lucky 14M0

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