Phan Rang AB Kennels ,

The Early Days

Every kennels in South-East Asia started out the same way.  Dog teams were shipped in and started working on the perimeter. The individual dog kennels were the aluminum shipping crates.  The dogs were staked out with collars and chains. This required care in the kennel area. Walking into the wrong kennel could lead to what could be described as a religious experience. Tents were erected as soon as possible to provide shelter from rain and the tropical sun.

Photo Above: Sentry Dog Dog Tuskie 492F

Photo Below:  Kennelmaster (Right) pouring Malathion dip solution over dog.

See Malathion  Exposure

Photo Above: Alexander Zion and Hasso # 158F

Photos Courtesy of Alexander Zion; Circa April 1966-April 1967

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