Blackie 129X 

Photo Above: Greg Dunlap and Blackie 

This photo is best captioned "My Helmet"

Photos Below: Don Poss & Blackie

Now, this story also leads to the birth of the VSPA K-9 web pages . Don introduced me to the Vietnam Security Police Association and their website. At that time there were no pages on the dog program. Don was the webmaster and I offered to help him. Don was busy building the VSPA pages.  He promoted me to K-9 Webmaster and told me to go forth. And I did! I learned the programs needed and built the K-9 pages. So I guess I owe that to a dog that never allowed me to pet him.

[Actually...Monty called up power-sniveling that K-9 was getting the short-end of the stick at VSPA. He told me he had a web page for K-9 in place: I "annointed" him VSPA K-9 webmaster on the spot -- great job ever since!   :) Don Poss]

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