War Dogs Memorial Dedication

March Field Museum, Riverside, California
February 21, 2000
by Don Poss

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A panorama of the gathering crowd, officially estimated at 2,000.
Many wipe away rain drops from chairs, or hide inside the museum from scattered downpours. The fancy cloth veil
for the monument was replaced by a plastic poncho-like cover, which seemed somehow a more appropriate cover.

VSPA Friendships renewed... Steve Gattis (right) and Pat Dunne (left) [like two thundering mountains stomping in water!] tried to sneak up on Don Poss. We shook hands, clapped shoulders... and talked of the appropriate weather for the dedication.
David Gen Eisley's compelling, and soul-releasing, music began to play, and brought tears to many a veteran.
The United States Air Force presented the Colors...

K-9 and handlers from 50 law enforcement agencies, plus military units marched in review...

Chaplain Steve Janke, Vietnam Security Police Association, spoke of
uncommon valor and sacrifice... and of his K-9, Kuboc.

California State Supreme Court Associate Justice Ming Chin, spoke of his Vietnam service and the value of K-9 in saving lives.
"There was never any question on whether a soldier could count on his war dog. Let us never
make a mistake and leave behind our canine friends again."


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