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Air/Security Police gave their lives in defense of U.S. Air bases during the Vietnam War
AP/SP Medals
The above selected medals for VSPA USAF Air/Security Police Medal Recipients are not all encompassing. Many other awards and citations were awarded individually and collectively. For additional information, see Bases & Squadrons, for every base members served at during the Vietnam War. These Air/Security Police unit/base "collections" will contain battle ribbons, presidential unit citations, campaigns, operations, unit crests and patches, unit histories, photos, and personal stories by those who were there.
    If you served in Vietnam, or Thailand between July 1, 1958 and May 15, 1975 as an Air/Security Policeman, or as an augmentee, and you were awarded one of the above Medals, or you know of someone else that was, and that name does not appear on the list(s), please contact Phil Carroll for instructions on how to confirm the Award(s) for posting with VSPA. We Take Care of Our Own
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