Communist Propaganda Posters
of the
Vietnam War
Compiled by Don Poss.
VSPA © 2008


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NVA - Nothing is More Precious than
Freedom and Independence!
The Conscience of the People Supports Us.
NVA- Strive to train soldiers to be
in a position to Defend the Nation.
Take the Road to Protect the Motherland.
NVA- The People of Vietnam Will Win!
The American Imperialist will Lose.
NVA- Viet Poster.
NVA- Victorious Vietnam.
NVA- Vrede voor Vietnam.
Yankees Go Home.
NVA- Stop Use of Gas in Vietnam --
Support Vietnam Against America.
NVA- Vietnamees
bedankt Russische soldaat voor de hulp.
1972 USA- I Want You for the U.S. Army.
USA- Stop The Draft.
USA- Nixonstein.
USA- March Against Death.
USSR- Anti-U.S.
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