Communist Propaganda Posters
of the
Vietnam War
Compiled by Don Poss.
VSPA © 2008


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1965 China- Anti-American Vietnam Propaganda Posters-1.
1965 China- Anti-American Vietnam Propaganda Posters-2.
1965 China- Anti-American Vietnam Propaganda Posters-3.
1965 China-Anti-American Vietnam Propaganda Posters-4.
1965 China- Carry out national defense sports activities to protect our Socialist Motherland.
1965 China- Oppose the invasion of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam by the Reactionary Americans.
1971 China- Those who are armed with Mao Zedong Thought are the most powerful combatants.
1965 China- Instruct others in military skills.
1975 China- Promote Revolutionary traditions and strengthen war preparation and training.
1974 China- Learn the skills to defeat tanks.
NVA- All Our Rivers Flow Into the Eastern Sea. The North and South United Under One Roof.
China Kom overal ter wereld in actie - dwing de Amerikanen uit Vietnam.

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