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1041st Security Police Squadron (Test) - Safeside
82nd Combat Security Police Wing
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821st CSPS
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Operation Safeside



Beret Patch
Phan Rang AB,
1968; 1969-71


Ellsworth AFB

COMBAT Security Police Squadron

Phan Rang AB,

822nd CSPS
Phan Rang AB,

1041st, 821st, 822nd, and 823d SP Squadron Emblem, Safeside
82nd CSPS Wing

823rd CSPS
Phan Rang AB

823rd CSPS
Phan Rang AB,

1041st SPS(T)
Phu Cat AB

Current Security Forces Beret Flash reflects tradition and heritage linked to the
1041st SPS (T)

From the Air Force Historical Research Agency, attached is emblem for 82nd CSPS Wing, authorized just before it was deactivated. I got it for my buddy, Larry Sutherland. I have already put in a request for microfilm records. Will share the good stuff, when I see what I get back.

Pat Dunne

Hat pins of the 82nd Combat Security Police Wing were submitted by Russell L. Harrell

 Pieces of our History:The Cops - "The Air Force's own Infantry!"
 (Photo left by Paul Kennedy) Safeside: A special section will soon post regarding the 82nd Combat Security Police Wing, and its CSPS. The term "Combat Security Police Squadron (CSPS)", was unique to the squadrons decended from the 1041st SPS (T), which became the 82nd CSPS Wing, and trained the 821st, 822nd, and 823d, and was bestowed officially upon them by the United States Air Force.

Official Combat Security Police Squadrons, and Vietnam Bases:
1041st sps (USAF Test) Assigned Phu Cat AB, Jan-Jul 1967
821st CSPS Assigned Phan Rang AB: Apr-Aug 1968; and, Aug 1969-Feb 1971
822nd  CSPS Assigned Phan Rang AB: Aug 1968-Mar 1969
823d  CSPS Assigned Phan Rang AB: Mar-Aug 1969

Other APS/SPS were not officially named as "Combat" Air/Security Police Squadrons. In fact, in the early years of the war, the Safeside did not exist, although the need for such units were being recognized. The first time I heard the term "Combat Air Police Squadron" was at Đà Nàng Air Base, 1965, and until my 1966 DEROS, was used by then Squadron Commander LTC Arthur G. Phillips Jr.. I'm sure LTC Arthur G. Phillips Jr. used the term to reflect "where" the 6252nd "Combat" Air Police Squadron was assigned, the duties we were charged with, and having the first two combat deaths by Air/Security Police in South Vietnam. Don Poss

The Falcon Flash on the Light Blue Beret, represents the 821st Combat Security Police Squadron, Phan Rang, RVN.

821st Safeside Beret Patch We Take Care of Our Own
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