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Vietnam Security Police Association, Inc. (USAF), (VSPA), is an association of USAF Vietnam War veterans who served in Vietnam or Thailand between July 1, 1958 and May 15, 1975, as Air / Security Police (Permanent Change of Station, TDY, or as an Augmentee).

Vietnam Security Police Association, Inc. (USAF) is dedicated to the memory of those who served in 7th Air Force's Air Police and Security Police Squadrons in Vietnam and Thailand during the Vietnam War, and the 1,739 men of the 7th Air Force killed in action, and the 3,457 wounded in action.

Vietnam Security Police Association, Inc. (USAF) Association's History: In January of 1995, a USAF Air Police veteran, saw a need to organize an association that would recognize the contributions made by the Air Police, later called Security Police and today called Security Forces, who served in Vietnam and Thailand. It was shortly after that time that the Vietnam Security Police Association, Inc. (USAF) came to life.
       John's enthusiasm quickly spread to other former SPs that performed rather unique duties in that Southeast Asian War. Unlike many other veteran organizations, this was to be for the thousands of SPs that wanted an association where they could share their experiences and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow veterans.

Today, the VSPA is still growing with more than 1200 members strong, and 2500 contacts. It was quickly discovered that locating former SPs after 25-30 years was no easy task. About 20,000 Air/Security Police served in Vietnam and Thailand during the Vietnam War. We have identified 111 Killed in Action or Line of Duty Air/Security Police, and recognize about 500 WIA. With the growth and the excitement VSPA generated, nearly 3,000 former SPs have been located and it is our goal to be the "Best"!

Pieces of our History The Cops - "The Air Force's own Infantry!"

https://www.vspa.comHistory 7th Air Force Air/Security Police (Photo left by Paul Kennedy)

The Vietnam Security Police Association presents 7th Air Force's Air Police and Security Police Squadrons and Bases of the Vietnam  War (SPS: Vietnam and Thailand). Stories, photos, squadron histories  and lineage, crests, patches, emblems, and links portray the valor, sacrifices, and honor in which these men served.

The 821st Safeside Beret PatchFalcon Flash on the Light Blue Beret, represents the 1041st Security Police Squadron (Test), which was the recipient of that official flash in September 1966. The 821st, 822nd and 823rd came into existence when the 82nd Combat Security Police Wing was activated at Fairchild AFB, and the 1041st SPS (Test) was deactivated. The 822nd and 823rd had their own distinctive flashes, however, the 821st never had an officially designated flash but adopted the 1041st SPS (T)'s flash.

Hahn Air Force Base, Germany, Home of The 50th Air Police K-9 (1960-1965): MODERN MINUTEMEN! Outstanding representation of U.S. Air Force Security Forces. Edited by Tom Newton, the webpage remembers from whence Security Forces originated. An authoritative source for USAF evolvement from Military Police, APS/SPS, to today's Security Forces. Check it out, or miss-out!

While there are many, including Security Policemen, who did not serve in Vietnam, who have expressed interest in the VSPA and applied for membership, our requirements for membership have remained firm at the direction of the entire membership. To that end, we do not offer Associate Memberships. We do, however, welcome all who visit, and remember without us. We Take Care of Our Own
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