First Sentry Dog at
Ubon RTAFB with
Testicular Cancer!

Handlers Bury Sentry Dog General,   Brand # 6A39, Circa 1969-1970: (L-R) Thai Handler Boon Lert, Sgt Hammon (General's Handler) Thai Handler Ubol, Sgt Latham, Thai Handler Suwan, TSgt Langley "Dad" and Bill (Einstein) Switzer. Bill was the newest member of the section and helped dig General's grave.

Photos & Caption Courtesy of Bill Switzer

Below: Photo of Medical Card of General #6A39

Medical Cards (index cards) were maintained by Veterinary Service.  Scanned photo of General's card is courtesy of Nemo’s War Dog Heroes Memorial Committee. Cards were purchased by the committee under a Freedom of Information request.

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What about the handlers?

" These studies showed that dogs who served in Vietnam were twice as likely (1.8 times as likely) to have cancer of the testicles, compared to military working dogs who served only in the states. Likewise military dogs that died in Okinawa were about twice as likely (2.2  times as likely) to have testicular cancer as dogs who served only in the states. A separate study was then conducted , excluding those dogs that had testicular cancer. Among the non-cancer dogs, there was clear evidence of significant deterioration of the testacies in those dogs who served in Vietnam (compared to dogs who served only in the US) : degeneration of the testacies, atrophy (shrinking) of the testicles, and evidence of below-normal ability to produce sperm."

See Chemical Exposure



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