The Dogs
of Takhli, RTAB


Name Brand # Remarks
Alex 0K63  
Ali  16A0 Also at U-Tapao
Baron 3M60 At Nakhom Phanom & Phu Cat AB
Barry  M261 Also at Ubon 
Big Foot 32X4  
Bimbo S419 Also at U-Tapao, RTAFB
Blackie 74X7  
Blaze 88A0 Also at U-Tapao,
Blitz 33M5 Transferred to the RTAF July 3, 1975 (Takhli & Ubon)
Boots M151  
Brandy 452M  
Bruno  32M2 Also at Ubon 
Bullet X762 Also at Ubon 
Butch  X415 Also at Ubon 
Casey S898 Also at Takhli 1972 (366th SPS)
Charlie Brown 2M45  AKA "Charlie"; Also at Ubon 
Chief A595  Also at U-Tapao
Chiko  3M59 Also at  Korat , RTAFB
Czar 5S89  
Dan X610 Also at Ubon :To the RTAF  7/3/75
Dante 632M Also at Nakhom Phanom (NKP)
Django 2X27  
Doggie 992A  
Duffer 1X08 Transferred to the RTAF July 3, 1975 
Duke 3S93  
Duke 56M9 Also at Ubon:to  RTAF July 3, 1975 
Duke 571M Also at Don Mung & Nakhom Phanom
Duke 932A  
Duke M051 Returned to Lackland MWD Center 1975-76 
Duke M519  
Elf  K002 Also at Korat 
Fred 80M9  
Fuzz Z183 Also at Nakhom Phanom (NKP)
Guy 4B05  
Harris K051  
Hasid V142 Transferred to Anderson AFB, Guam in 1976
Hunce 4M35 Also at Ubon & Nakhom Phanom
Hunce 4M35 At Ubon, RTAFB & Nakhom Phanom (NKP)
Joey  V021 Patrol Dog - Returned to Kadena Air Base in 1972
King 83X6  
King 94M0  
King A595 Also at U-Tapao  
King  A595 At U-Tapao, RTAFB
King   898A Returned to Lackland MWD Center 1975-76 
Liz X826 At Tan Son Nhut AB, RVN  & Udorn, RTAFB
Lobo  885M  
Lucky 51X9 Also at Udorn
Major 053M At U-Tapao.  Returned to CONUS 1975
Maverick  5K49  
Mick 0X04 Also at Nakhom Phanom
Nikki  22A8 Also at U-Tapao
Pistol 7A56 Also at Korat
Prince 4B07 Also at Udorn
Prince 51X9 Also at Udorn
Prince M244  
Prince X198  Also at Takhli
Prince  51X9 Also at  Udorn
Prince  M244 Also at  Udorn
Ranger 458M  
Rebel 3S23  
Rebel X917 Also at Udorn RTAFB
Ringo 109M Also at Korat
Sac 2B01  
Sadr 185X  
Sam 983M Also at Korat; Returned to Lackland 1975-76 
Samson  24A1 Transferred to Kadena Air Base - April 76
Savage 77A2 Also at Korat
Shane 54X6  
Shawn  V210 Also at Udorn
Shep 004M  
Silver 21M7  
Smokey 04X6  Also at Nakhom Phanom
Smokey 392A  
Smokey 3S65  
Smokey 3X98 Also at U-Tapao
Smoky X742  
Son S178 Transferred to the 405th SPS in June 1973
Steed Unk # Patrol Dog - Returned to Kadena Air Base in 72
Stoney 047M Returned to Lackland MWD Center 1975-76 
Tanny X107 Project 514A – Transferred to Thai Military in Jan. 1971
Tarzen  392A Also at U-Tapao
Tequilla 86M7 Also at Korat
Thor X198 Also at NKP
Tina  X768 Also at Nakhom Phanom
Zorba 30M4 Also at NKP

At the end of the American cavalry era, the Army disposed of its horses by machine gunning them to death. In our war, the dogs were treated the same way. Only it was done in a more “humane” manner. Some excess dogs were reassigned to other bases but most were killed. The US Military has pledged never to dispose of military working dogs in such a manner again. A change in the law now allows  military dogs to be retired after their service is completed. 

Please Read  Death of a Warrior   

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