The Dogs of
Nakhon Phanom
Name Brand # Remarks
Aaron X962  
Ace M322  
Alf 0K50 Project 514 Dog
Ango 0K31  
Baron  3M60  Also served at Takhli
Barry K063  
Benno  0H49 Ex-Army Scout dog, KIA-Laos, AC recovery  1969
Blitz 014A To 3rd SPG/Clark Air Base in Nov. 1975
Bobo S727  
Bodie X812  
Bosco V028  
Brandy 452M  
Briska S521  
Bruno  X987  
Bruno  2M79 Also served at Udorn RTAFB
Brutus 1S42  
Butch 1S76  
Chedder 9M29  
Chips W190 To 3rd SPG/Clark Air Base in Nov. 1975
Cindy M427  
Colonel 3M14  
Dandy Y018  
Dante 632M Also at Takhli RTAFB
Devil X934  
Diablo X724  
Duke 4S09  
Duke 571M   Also at Don Muang RTAS & Takhli RTAFB
Duke Z200  
Eric 755X  
Franc Y086  
Frey 0H59  
Fritz X511  
Fuzz  Z183 Also  at Takhli & Udorn; To Kaden, Japan/1976
Galan M777  
Hasso Y091  
Hasso  0K69 Also at U-Tapao, Ubon & Udorn 
Hitler  Y214 Also at U-Tapao RTAFB
Hunce  4M35 Also at Takhli & Ubon (Ubon on Dec. 31, 1970)
Ingrid 53M7  
Jake 0X14  
Jake W179  
Junior S990  
Kayo 73X8  
Keno 310M  
King 0M09  
King 38M1  
King 3A61  
King 56M2  
King 75X8  
King 4B13 To Kadena and then Kusan, Korea 1976
King M961  
King  46M9 Also served at Ubon RTAFB
Knobbie W153  
Kurt 26M6  
Link W155  
Mick 0X04 Also at Takhli RTAFB
Mister 1S91 To Clark Air Base, PI  Drug Detector Dog
Nicky 33M1  
Pete S291 To Clark Air Base, PI (Oct 1975)
Pig 61M8  
Pops A430  
Prince 23M5  
Prince  1M85  Also served at Korat RTAFB
Ranger Unk #  
Rawdy X787  
Ready V093  
Rennie 86M5  
Rex 14M9  
Rex 17X3  
Rex 2S41  
Rex 64M6  
Rex 7A32  
Rex Z353  
Ripper Z354 Also at U-Tapao. to Clark AB, RP (1977)
Ruff X178  
Rusty V030  
Sam  2S66  
Sandy 48M1  
Sapho 45M4  
Sarge M666  
Sargeant X928  
Satan 465M  
Schnoobs 429M  
Sergeant X928  
Shane 714X  
Shawn 27M8 Also at Ubon RTAFB
Shep 910X  
Smokey 04X6 Also at Takhli RTAFB
Smokey 831X  
Smokey X918  
Spade 91X8  
Sparkie 3X58  
Sport 831X  
Storm W267  
Stormy 50X4  
Sully W243 To Clark Air Base, PI  (May 1977)
Tag X933  
Te Neg  T012 KIA  03/12/70,  In  APC, struck by rocket 
Teddy 60M6  
Thor X651  
Tina X768 Also at Takhli
Toni  4A93 Also at Udorn
Tory A602  
Victor V011  
Wolf 61M7  
Zorba 30M4 Also at Takhli TAB


At the end of the American cavalry era, the Army disposed of its horses by machine gunning them to death. In our war, the dogs were treated the same way. Only it was done in a more “humane” manner. Some excess dogs were reassigned to other bases but most were killed. The US Military has pledged never to dispose of military working dogs in such a manner again. A change in the law now allows  military dogs to be retired after their service is completed. 

Please Read  Death of a Warrior   


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