Combat Attack Dog, Ver 2006,  Heavy Weapons Qualified

No longer will a dog be limited to a single terrorist! Now, one short burst can martyr a complete terrorist cell and hasten their just rewards of their allotted virgins. 

A few of the dog teams have also been flight certified for airborne gunnery duty. The dog is the first helicopter certified military working dog. This program is known as "Shock &  Paws". The dog still has that amazed look one gets from firing the weapon! He easily qualified as Expert Marksman on the minigun. His exact score was unavailable. The burst destroyed not only the targets, but also the complete downrange area.

Okay, so the pup has a heavy paw!  It was rumored that he was slow to release a bite also.  

Photo Above: MWD Jampy, 
handled by SSgt Dennis E. Fashbaugh II


Combat Attack Dog, Version 2008




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