Posters of North Vietnam,
the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRVN), and Allies

AMERICAN WAR (Vietnam War)

1,100,000 NVA/VC Military Deaths, 600,000 Wounded, 26,000 POWs, and 101,511 Hoi Chanh (surrender).*
The Vietnam War was a military war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, including combatants and allies from the USA, Russia, and China. Under Vietnamization,
U.S. forces withdrew as South Vietnamese troops were trained and armed, and a peace treaty was signed by all parties in January 1973. Fighting continued until April 1975.

Communist Propaganda Posters
Compiled by Don Poss.
© 2008

China 1960- Study and practice hard to improve your shooting skills.
1960 China- Study hard to improve your educational level.
China 1960- Hold high the red flag of Mao.
China 1965- Vietnam is bound to win, and
American Imperialists are bound to lose.
China 1960- Officers and soldiers, exercise
tenaciously and strengthen your physiques.
China 1965- The army and citizens of Vietnam are
battling the Americans well, accurately and mercilessly.
Cuba- For a vietnam 10 times more beautiful.
NVA- Whether American bombers fly high or low,
Cuba- Vietnam's 2000th U.S. plane shot down.
Cuba- Hô Chi Minh als-wijze.
Cuba- Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America.
NVA- A Way Out for Nixon
[Note] Peace 7 points and 2 key problems to bring out.
NVA-1972 Strijd, solidariteit en hoop.
NVA- B52 Coffin Carrier.
NVA- Amerikaansa krijgsgevangenen.
NVA- Beating the USA.
NVA- Emulate the Fight Againt America.
NVA- Determined to Defeat Americans.
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