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Correct order of wear: Ribbons
Table of Contents for: Medals and Ribbons

The correct order of wear for United States Air Force Ribbons are displayed below.  Beneath the Correct Manner Of Ware Ribbons display is a Table of Contents listing precedence of Ribbons by Name. Double-Click on a Ribbon's name will go to the page displaying the Ribbon, Medal, and history of that award.

By Precedence


Ribbon Devices

United States Air Force Regulations limit the number of Ribbon Devices that may be worn on one ribbon to a total of four (4). When there are additional Devices, a second ribbon will be worn to accomodate those Devices. Devices are worn "centered" on the ribbon.

  • Silver Letter "V"
  • Bronze Letter "V"
  • Gold Star (5/16" or 3/16")
  • Silver Star (5/16" or 3/16")
  • Silver Oak Leaf Cluster
  • Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster
  • Bronze Arrowhead
  • Bronze Arabic Numerals
  • Good Conduct Medal Clasps
  • Germany and Japan Clasps
  • Hourglass Device
  • Bronze "M"

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