Free Fire Zone...

Dear Bob
Defense Secretary McNamara
(Vietnam War)

© 2001

by Mark Brooks
8th Security Police Squadron,
Ubon RTAFB, 1972-1973


Dear Robert McNamara:

May your God Damn you Robert McNamara
Damn you for walking away from the war you helped to create.
Damn you for walking away when you KNEW it was a lost cause
Damn you for not speaking out when you knew it was lost
Damn you for feeling more loyalty to the power structure and no loyalty to the people you were telling to risk their lives for your mistake.
Damn you for all the Names on The Wall after you left.
I hope you hear the screams of the dying and the wounded every night in your dreams.
I hope you live a long time with those screams, you miserable motherf.... We Take Care of Our Own
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