31st Security Police Squadron
Tuy Hoa Air Base

Photos by Donald Graham

1) This is a scan of my friend Randy Milligan (left) and me (Don Graham) in our barrack's room at Wurtsmith AFB, MI.  Photo was taken 26 Jul 67, before we both went to Vietnam.  I went to th, and Randy went to Cam Ranh Bay AB where he died while  serving with the 12th Security Police Squadron, on 15 MAY 68.

2) Don Graham Just back from Australia (2/69).
(No wonder his grinning!)

3) F-100 parked Locked and Cocked and ready to go in a revetment.

4) Observation Tower Oscar-11.

5) Golf-26 (3/69) L/R: Don Goulette & Don Graham.

6) Old French bunker on base.

7) Dave Pollite, Don Graham & Jerry Albright (L-R). (3/69)

8) Jerry Albright & Don Graham (L-R). (3/69)

9) Jerry Albright, Don Goulette & J. Blair (L-R). (3/69)

10) Tuy Hoa AB Main Gate.

11 & 12) Back Gate: Jerry Albright and Don Graham.

13) Christmas 1968 - Sitting L-R: Jim Gilbert, Don Graham and Joe Cassara.

14) Security Police C-Flight Mobility Team List, June 1969,
Tuy Hoa.
Provided by Alvin Bailey. We Take Care of Our Own
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