Book Review,
by Don Poss.
VSPA Webmaster


The Stone Throwers,
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders
by Jackie R. Kays

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The Stone Throwers
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I have just finished reading Jackie Kay’s two books, and I have to tell you they are both MUST read and action packed.

“The Stone Throwers, A Man-Hunt for Vietnam War Draft Evaders”, by Jackie R. Kays. –

Thank God the story never happened, and think it a tribute to Vietnam Veterans that the Hunt for draft dodgers and Hanoi traitors was never pursued … especially by Air Police. While reading the book, it was easy to relate to the Hunters, and why they felt as they did. But a sense of Justice is ingrained in this old Sky Cop and retired police sergeant, and I just couldn’t wish them luck in their pursuits, and in fact felt the betrayal of their actions, even more than the infamous traitors still in our midst. I think you will feel the tug-of-war emotionally too. But if I know our VSPA members at all, you too will want to see justice carried out when all is said and done.

Read “The Stone Throwers”, or miss out on what could have happened, and hopefully never will. We Take Care of Our Own
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