56th SPS
Nakon Phanom RTAFB
by Bob Gallagher
1969 / 1970
© 2001

It was a pleasant surprise to be asked about posting a little story of mine. Sometimes it's easy to forget that you security police guys were out there in force to protect us all, even if we didn't always fully appreciate it at the time....

Thanks again,
Bob Gallagher

It was one of my first ventures into town after arriving at NKP in June of 1969. I was slightly inebriated [maybe] when I left the bar... I had to get back to base and get ready to go to work... I remember attempting to make my way to the bus stop when the samlar drivers surrounded me and began to push me back and forth in an attempt to get my business or relieve me of my wallet... Now, mind you this is an unacceptable circumstance to any red blooded Irishman even if he's perfectly sober. The circle of samlar drivers closed in and the pushing became punching... so I began to respond, insult for insult -- push for push -- punch for punch. Then ---a voice from the crowd said -- You Number 10 GI, To which I replied -- You Number 10 Thai, and your Queen is # Sip, Sip, Sip-loy [roughly translated -- your Queen is number 10,000 times 10,000 --- The ultimate Insult... Then it got ugly.

Soon, the Thai Police arrived with mischief on their minds, a GI by himself, no witnesses ... just then you guys showed up, and not moment to soon... Shirt ripped, nose a little bloodied, maybe a little dirt on my 'Civvies'--- You guys calmed the situation down just long enough to get me out of there in one piece. You even gave me a ride back to base in the back of your Jeep, no charge. It was my most memorable ride in Thailand... Speeding down the road... wind in my face, sparing no bumps along the way... I did have to sit in the AP interrogation room .'for observation purposes' ... before being released... But it was worth it!

Thanks for the Lift!
Bob Gallagher
56 FMS, NKP 1969-1970

PS: The photo was taken on Christmas Eve 1969, on top of the roof at the Hotel Ubar,while TDY at Udorn RTAFB... We did manage to party hearty that night also... however, this time no assistance was required by the local gendarmes!