Vietnam ~ Thailand Review guidelines for books and films
Guidelines by Don Poss.

Okay, so you read a book or saw a movie and want to relate to members why it either stinks or the author or producer's image should be added to Mount Rushmore. Here are is how to submit a review for a book, film, or DVD guidelines:

  • guidelines include those posted for submitting stories and photos and for posting at the bulletin boards (read both). Basically, these guidelines cover being polite and respectful to the reader, author, and producers, as well as using spell-check and font usage.

  • Yes it is okay to do a review on a book or movie that already has a review.

  • I will not assign books or films for you to review. Write about what you think is worthy or unworthy for association members to check out.

  • Your review's chance for publication is subject to my opinion of your review-evaluation, but not dependent upon my personal agreement with your assessment. In other words, if a dozen reviews say the book/move sucks, do we really need another review in agreement? But one disagreeing with the dozen previously posted would likely get posted.
  • 1-4 Strar Rating: You may assign a "Star" rating value as to the merits of the book or film. A Four Stars rating is used, ranging from 1/2-star (horrible) through 4-stars (fantastic). Your call.

  • It is okay to love a book or film and also comment on what you didn't like, or think could have been better. Every book is likely to have a few typos, but if the misspellings distract from an otherwise great book, then mention that eventhough you strongly recommend it. If the movie surprisingly has English subtitles when the DVD did not make it clear it is a foreign film, then certainly that is an important point to relate.

  • Other than the above, if you are really excited about the book or film, that will show in your writing. We Take Care of Our Own
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