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Đà Nàng AB
6222nd ABG/AP
Đà Nàng AB, 6222nd ABG/AP, c.1962-1963


by Gary Bunney
© 2002

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1. ep-dn-6222nd-abs-9-bunney-1963.jpg
6222nd ABG/AP Patch. In 1962-1963, we were not yet a squadron, but about 20 Air Police assigned to the 6222nd ABG at Đà Nàng AB.
2. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-02.jpg
Danang Mess Hall 1963.
3. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-31-aps-csc-1962-63.jpg
This is a photo of the Air Police CSC office at Đà Nàng, January 1963.
The armory was in the rear. Photo taken just prior to moving to the new bldg inside the compound.
4. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-32-monsoon-1.jpg
Remember the monsoons?  These two were taken just after we moved into the new compound.
5. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-33-monsoon-2.jpg
6. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-34-group-2-1962-63.jpg
(L to R) Skip, SSgt Burks, Smokey.
7. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-35-barracks-bunks.jpg
Bunk area in new barracks. [Just like stateside back then]
8. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-36-group-1-1962-63.jpg
(L to R) T. C. Stille, Skip Gautier, Smokey Thomason (all AP's).
9. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-37-group-3-1962-63.jpg
The old NCO club (they built a new one before I left). 
L to R:   T.C. Stille, Skip Gautier, Sgt Burks, 1963.
10. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-38-gary-bunker.jpg
Outpost off the end of the runway near the radar site 1963
11. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-39-flightline-1962-63.jpg
Đà Nàng flight line - I think at the very far end is the Marine area, but I'm not positive.
12. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-40-flightline-1962-63.jpg
Đà Nàng flight line.
13. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-41-flightline-1962-63.jpg
U.S. Army Caribou on Đà Nàng flight line. I notice the tarmac - my memory of the PSP dirt/iron link runway, I
think, is the Marine helicopter area. I remember the tarmac on the flight line, so the runways must have been concrete.
14. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-42-army-mowhawk.jpg
The Hu?ys and Mowhawks showed up in Đà Nàng in late 1963; the view from the C123 (black & white) is just out of Đà Nàng.
15. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-43-Hu?y.jpg
16. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-44-marine-choppers.jpg
Marine H34s leaving Đà Nàng.
17. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-45.jpg
18. dn-6222nd-23abg-ap-bunney-46-c123.jpg
C-123 taking off from Đà Nàng AB.

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