Johnston Island Atoll, AFB

Ever wonder what happened to all those barrels of Agent Orange? After the Vietnam War, the United States government stored thousands of drums of Agent Orange on Johnston Island Atoll, AFB, in the Pacific Ocean, 715 miles S/W of Hawaii.

Check out the leaking barrels photos and see if you agree there is an insuffient connection between Agent Orange and the veterans' claims.

"Johnston is an unincorporated territory of the United States, nearly 700 acres in size, and administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of the Department of the Interior as part of the United States Pacific Island Wildlife Refuges. For statistical purposes, Johnston
Atoll is grouped as one of the United States Minor Outlying Islands."

Agent Orange. Johnston Island growth.

"Johnston has been used by the US military from 1934 to
the present day. The island has been expanded many
times in size through dredging and reconstruction.

Johnston Atoll was used to store chemical weapons from
Okinawa after 1970 and drums of Agent Orange defoliant
from the Vietnam War in 1972."

"Meanwhile, it was reported to Rep. Evans that nearly
250,000 pounds of Agent Orange [was] accidentally spilled on Johnston Island in 1972 when about 1.1 million gallons of unused Agent Orange was brought there from Vietnam.

"An estimated 49,000 gallons of Agent Orange is estimated to have leaked annually from the drums at the Johnston Island storage site."

"The VA has consistently denied Agent Orange claims from veterans who served on Johnston Island from 1971 to 1977, unless they were directly involved in the handling of the herbicide." The government has denied claims on the bases there is no direct connection to exposure.

Disposal of the chemical was by inceneration. Note the large cloud drifting across the base. Is it possible everyone on base could have inhaled such contamination during their service at the island?

Note the photo left, where the sand is discolored by
leaking barrels. We Take Care of Our Own
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