6498th security police squadron
Đà Nàng Air Base
Đà Nàng AB, 6498th SPS, 31 Oct 1972-
Mar 1973

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6498th SPS 6498th SPS
6498th SPS
Heavy Armor
(M-113s / M-706s)
Đà Nàng Air Base Đà Nàng Air Base
USAF personnel leave Vietnam, March 1973.
A group of United States Air Force personnel from the 6498th Air Base Wing (ABW) at Đà Nàng Air Base South Vietnam celebrated, with a sign in the background of the airport reads "Long live the brave fighting spirit of the US Armed Forces". The Americans smiling holding passes and hand luggage moving out onto the tarmac. A heavy forklift vehicle carrying load covered by tarpaulin. The men seen walking towards a Trans International Trans Airlines jet. Sign over the boarding ramp to the aircraft reads "Bon voyage USAF Đà Nàng RVN". South Vietnamese troops and a weeping Vietnamese woman walking towards the aircraft. Several Western women farewell the Americans with kisses as they move up the ramp. Forklift moving towards a USAF C130 Hercules transport aircraft. Americans shaking the hands of uniformed North Vietnamese soldiers or officials as they board the aircraft. Shot of the signs on the Đà Nàng arrival gate - "Long live etc" and "Hoover's Hooligan's 6498th ABW The job is done". The 6498th was commanded by Major General William W Hoover and the Air Base was turned over to the South Vietnamese in March 1973.

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