6250thABG/Air Police Squadron
Tan Son Nhut Air Base, 6250th ABG/AP, c.1962-April 8, 1966

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Fourty One years ago - Lots of Memories... First of all, we were still the 6250th Air Police Squadron on the 13 April 1966 attack. We did not change/repaint our unit insignia to the 377th Air Police Squadron until after the 13 April 1966 attack. I was on my 5th day of duty as Asst. Flt. Commander - "B" Flt Law Enforcement , arriving on 05 April 1966 , after serving a 12 month duty tour at Korat AB, Thailand .I was a young (23 years old) SSgt (77170) . "B" Flt Commander was TSgt Bobby Eisenburg ( Ex-Pro Wrestler from Marietta, GA ) and the Billy Hill ( LE Radio Call Sign in those days) Desk Sergeant was mydear friend SSgt Bill Dexter (West Point, MS).

Remember that the radio net soon jammed and was useless until well after daybreak. Billy Hill LE Patrols followed the Base Attack Plan, maintaining constant patrols in the cantonment and Barracks Billeting areas. "C" Flt Security or "Tiger Flt" performed one heck of a job that night. CMSgt Ford, NCOIC Security Opns showed his leadership that
night, as did all brave 6250th Air Police Squadron personnel. Quite a show.

6250th Combat Support Group

Starting with the buildup in 1965, the Air Force, while continuing to conduct the four air wars, adjusted its structure in Southeast Asia to absorb incoming units. Temporarily deployed squadrons became permanent in November; a wing structure replaced the groups. On 8 July 1965, the 33d Tactical Group was redesignated the 6250th Combat Support Group

By February 1966, the reconnaissance force at Tan Son Nhut had grown to seventy-four aircraft of various types. Operational aircraft squadrons were assigned to the 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing which was activated at Tan Son Nhut on 2 February 1966. The 377th Air Base Wing became USAF host base unit at Tan Son Nhut, replacing the 6250th Combat Support Group in April.

The 834th Air Division was established as the overall command organization for all USAF units at Tan Son Nuht, reporting directly to Headquarters, 7th Air Force, also at Tan Son Nhut.


Name:   C. Roger Bleile, Sep 26,  2000

Comments:   I served in the 6250th Air Police Sqn and 377th Air Police Sqn from November 1965 until November 1966.  From November 1965 until January 1966 I humped various posts including the flight line, 051 gate, 051 bunker, and 055 gate, as an A2C (E-3).   When I arrived, the 051 bunker had not been manned for some time.   Somebody decided to man it at night and I was the first AP to get the privilege (alone).   The back door had been left open for a long time, so the inside was filthy.   My second night in the bunker, I borrowed a broom from the Mamasan and cleaned the place out even though I always stayed in the top part.  January 1966 I got promoted to A1C (E-4) and was assigned as 60 gunner on a jeep with TSgt Hiten and A1C Crowdus.  In June of that year they made TSgt Hiten the NCOIC of Customs and he took Crowdus and me with him.   Customs was a really interesting job and I have always felt lucky to work in that section.   I still have my blue AP helmet liner and white arm brassard as mementos of my customs assignment. We Take Care of Our Own
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