War Dogs! Memorial
March Reserve Base
Field Museum

The War Dogs Memorial Location

by Don Poss
© 2000

Blackie (129x), was put down after six years of faithful heroic service from Da Nang early 1965 to Tan Son Nhut, late 1970 War Dogs Memorial - As a former USAF K-9 handler (Đà Nàng, Blackie, 1965-1966), I agree with Tom Mitchell that March Field Museum, Riverside, California, is the perfect location for the first War Dogs monument. A prime location, both poetic and highly appropriate for honoring War Dogs and their partners. At sunset, the towering monument silhouettes against amber California skies while quietly overlooking the green manicured lawns of our nation's largest veterans cemetery where over 114,000 are at final rest. The War Dog and Handler symbolically watches over the park-like cemetery... while performing a last patrol on the outer perimeter around the giant Air Base, formerly known as March Air Force Base.

(Photo: Blackie (X129), was put down after six years of faithful heroic service, from Đà Nàng 1965 to Tan Son Nhut AB, late 1970).

As you can see by viewing the map (courtesy of Thomas Guide), March Field Museum is located exactly halfway between the Air Base's flight line and Riverside National Cemetery, which is only a stones throw from the museum grounds (for scale, the runway is 3 miles long!), and parallels the heavily traveled 215 Freeway. You can also check out March Field Museum's WebPage for an aerial view of part of the grounds, and read about placing a tiled tribute on the grounds. I recommend the museum, have been there, and drive by it daily.
Don Poss

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