War Dogs! Memorial
Feelings and Thoughts
I was at the War Dogs Memorial...

by Dewayne Lynde
© 2000
I'm just now starting to get over the cold from Monday; yet it is a day I will remember the rest of my life. I have only been aware of the War Dog Memorial since September 1999, when one night I couldn't sleep and was watching Discovery Channel. Two days later, my wife saw an article in the Family Circle Magazine. I have only been a member since October 1999. Yet an organization that I belong to has been very supportive of the Memorial. I have had many chats with Mo in the last four months. The dedication... was very moving, as I sat there listening and watching the police officers with their dogs, and seeing in their eyes how they loved and respected their animals... I was thankful; they were there. It gave me a sence that someone else knew what it was like, or would be like, to leave your best friend behind. I sat thinking, and thanking Dr. Kent for saving King when he had heart-worm, and supporting me the many nights King's kennel was my bed.

As I walked down to touch the Memorial, and place my Rose, I just wanted time to stand still, for just a little while. I know that King (A150) had many handlers, and I know that he took good care of us all... but I know that I have to go back and spend somemore time just to say thank you, my wonderful friend, for in you I found what hard work, loyality, and trust were really all about.

Thank you, Tom Mitchell and Jeff Bennett, and the skirts, for all the time and effort you put in to making the dedication a very meaningful event. The rain... the earthquake... just added memories of the day. And yes... a very grateful THANK YOU VFW 9223... Thank You!

Duane Lynde, 366th SPS, 66-67

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