War Dogs! Memorial
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I was at the War Dogs Memorial...
Show us the Way Home
© 2000, by Larry M. Gandy


The ceremony and memorial have taken my breath away. I have cried off and on for several days. I left not one but two dogs when I left viet nam. I have never really gotten over the fact that I never said good bye. I was laughing and having a good time, but when the memorial was unveiled, the dog... could have been either Bing or Rockey... looked right through me and I fell apart.

They were our freinds, our protectors, and our children. They literally lived and died for us. I'm so proud to say that I have been a dog handler and associated with such a fine group of men.

It's an absolute that dog handlers or a breed among themselves, and we will be brothers through eternity. We were something else: brave and not afraid of any thing--let alone death--but we will cry our eyes out when thinking of the wonderful freinds and partners we had in our K-9s.

The memorial will always be sacred ground for me, and I plan on returning from time to time when I need to feel the spirit of Bing and Rocky. I've already ordered my [memorial] tiles [at March Field Museum] and feel good knowing that I have the chance to honor them both at the memorial.

I personally would like to thank Tom Mitchell for all the work he's put in to the organization and memorial. I was very touched by his devotion and memories of Buck. I can still see Buck running to the end of his leash and being yanked off his feet while Tom was leaving. Life can be sad, but much richer for our experiences with these magnificent animals.

It seems that time is flying by and we're probably all on the down hill pull, hopefully a just god will reunite us with our dogs in heaven, to help show us the way home. It was great being around all of you at the memorial, and I will never forget this rich and wonderful experience.

Your Freind;

Larry M. Gandy,
(USAF) AF18677588

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