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Biên Hòa Air Base

Air Police / Security Police

34th ABG/AP, c.1964-1965; 3rd SPS, 8 Nov 1965-15 Mar 1971;
6251st APS, 8 Jul 1965; (attached to 3d TFW, 21 Nov 1965-8 Mar 1966) c.1972

Bien Hoa AB: VSPA Logo

Battle of Bien Hoa, TET 1968: 3rd SPS K-9 handlers alerting as Incoming Rockets
stike the Air Base and Bunker Hill-10 receives RPG hits.

(c) Composite 2017, by Don Poss

Biên Hòa Air Base, Welcome Home to VSPA We Take Care of Our Own
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