Research Unit Decorations, Awards, and Campaign Participation Credits: WWI through 1992
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Vol I Book I: WWI to Vietnam
Vol I Book II: WWI to Vietnam
Vol II: Vietnam
Vol III: Updates
AFP 900-2 Interim Vol III-1981-1991
(DD Form 149 Correction of Records)

  • Squadrons are not uniformly identified. For instance, if you are searching for the 6252 Air Police Squadron, consider searching for the "6252d", "6252nd", and the "6252". These three searches should identify every "6252" unit, and you can scan for any AP/SP/ABG/CSG type relevant unit.
  • Units ending with an "nd" (second) may be identified with only a "d" (which also represents the "second"), or no letter indicating the "second" at all.
  • Units ending with an "rd" (third) may have an "rd", "d", or no letter indicating the "third".
  • PDF text is not always recognized by Adobe Acrobat, depending upon the quality of the font and print. Letters such as an "l" might be read as a "1", and vs-versa, and other letters/numbers may not be recognized.
  • I recommend searching for your squadron several ways, as noted above. You might also search for "Air Police", or "Security Police".

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