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http://www.vspa.com War Stories! is an Awards winning family-rated 1.350 GB site averaging 5,500+ hits daily and has had over 30 million visitors. Compiled and edited by Vietnam veteran Don Poss. War Stories! a site for all Vietnam Veterans to voice personal Vietnam experiences in a short-story format.

The Vietnam Security Police Association, Inc. (USAF) is an association of USAF Vietnam War veterans who served in Vietnam or Thailand between July 1, 1958 and May 15, 1975, as Air / Security Police (Permanent Change of Station, TDY, or as an Augmentee). Compiled and edited by Vietnam veteran Don Poss. VSPA.com is also 1.3 GB in size, and averages about 1,800 daily unique visits.

http://www.vspa.com Quigley's Down~Under! One of the first, and certainly the best, Vietvet homepages around!

http://www.vspa.com VDHA Dog Handlers Assn VDHA Association for All Vietnam Dog Handlers! War Dogs!

http://www.vspa.com Long Nguyen's QC MP homepage! Check it out!

http://www.vspa.com NEMO, the AF Sentry Dog, who was involved in the Dec 6, 1966 fight at Tan Son Nhut, in which the first AF Security Police K-9 handler died, and a couple of sentry dogs were killed. Read the inspirational story of his return to Lackland AFB as an example for K-9 handlers in training!

http://www.vspa.com 35th SPS K-9, Phan Rang

Hahn Air Force Base, Germany, Home of The 50th Air Police K-9 (1960-1965): MODERN MINUTEMEN! Outstanding representation of U.S. Air Force Security Forces. Edited by Tom Newton, the webpage remembers from whence Security Forces originated. An authoritative source for USAF evolvement from Military Police, Air Police, Security Police, to today's Security Forces. Check it out, or miss-out!

http://www.vspa.com Air Force Library of Frequently Asked Questions: Contacting Military Personnel; Career Info Military Memorabilia; Air Force Aircraft, Units, Space, Special Topics, and Weapons Historical Information on USAF Records and squadron history.

http://www.vspa.com US Department of Defense: General Questions and FAQ.

http://www.vspa.com 366th TFW Gunfighters, Lost & Found, Đà Nàng Air Field, RVN, 1966-1972.

http://www.vspa.com 377th SPS Tan Son Nhut homepage

http://www.vspa.com Air Force Security Forces Association

http://www.vspa.com Air Force Security Police Museum

http://www.vspa.com 21 Guns.com TSgt Butler Memorial Website

TSgt Mackey's USAF Air Police/Security Police/Security Forces Collection

http://www.vspa.com The 1970s Clark Air Base K-9 Homepage

http://www.vspa.com Add Your USAF AP/SP Link here!

defensorfortis · Security Forces - This is the place for Military Police, APS/SPS, and Security Forces to meet and share the stories and experiences that we share with the "bond of the blue beret."

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