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483rd SPS (ATC)


  • Constituted 483d Air Police Squadron on 15 Nov 1952.
  • Activated on 01 Jan 1953.
  • Discontinued and Inactivated on 25 Jun 1960.
  • Redesignated 483rd Security Police Squadron on 10 Mar 1970.
  • Activated and Organized on 31 Mar 1970.
  • Inactivated on 31 Dec 1972.
  • 483d Air Base Group, 1 Jan 1953-25 Jun 1960;
  • 483d Combat Support Group, 31 Mar 1970-31 May 1972.
  • Ashiya AB, Japan, 1 Jan 1953-25 Jun 1960: Normal air police activities.
  • Cam Ranh Bay AB, South Vietnam, 31 Mar 1970-31 May 1972: Normal security police activities but included base defense activities in a combat situation since the base was frequently attacked by guerillas. Not operational, 16-31 May 1972.


One campaign streamers and two decorations.


  • Korean Theater (Korean War)

Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, [1 Jan 1953]-27 Jul 1953.

83d Combat Support Group, 31 Mar 1970-31 May 1972.
Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards:
  • 6 May 1953-10 Sep 1954


    The Vietnam Service Streamer, a unit award analogous to the award of the medal and ribbon for the individual. is identical to the ribbon in design and color. A United States Air Force (USAF) unit qualified for the Vietnam Service Streamer if it was based in South Vietnam at any time between 1 July 1958 and 14 November, or 29 January through 28 March 1973.* A unit based during these same periods in Thailand and flying missions into or over Vietnam also received the Vietnam Service Streamer. Nonpaying combat support units based in Thailand at any time between 1 July 1958 and 28 March 1973 are also entitled to the service streamer.
    * Units earned the appropriate campaign streamers between 15 November 1961
        and 28 January 1973.
    A Campaign Streamer is a Vietnam Service Streamer with the name and dates of the campaign embroidered on it. With one exception, the Vietnam Air-Ground Campaign, a unit qualified for a campaign streamer if it was based in Vietnam or engaged in combat in Southeast Asia during the period of a designated campaign.



CRB AB, SVN, 31 Mar 1970-31 May 1972

  • Vietnam Defense
  • Vietnam Winter-Spring, 1969-1970.
  • Sanctuary Couteroffensive, 1970.
  • Southwest Monsoon, 1970.
  • Commando Hunt V, 1 December 1970-14 May 1971.
  • Commando Hunt VI, 15 May-31 October 1971.
  • Commando Hunt VII, 1 November 1971-29 March 1972.
  • Vietnam Ceasefire, 30 March 1972-28 January 1973.


Presidential Unit Citation. None.

Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards with
Combat "V" Device:

  • 1 Jul 1970-31 Dec 1971.

Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards:

  • 6 May 1953-10 Sep 1954.

Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Crosses with Palm

  • 31 Mar 1970-31 May 1972
  • 1 Apr 1970-30 Oct 1971.

EMBLEM. Consult the AF Mil Pers Cen (DPMAS), Randolph AFB, TX 78148 for current emblem and data. (Official: No Record)

Unofficial: 483rd Security Police Squadron EmblemUnofficial: 483rd Security Police Squadron Emblem



Unknown 1953-c. 1955
Capt Frederick A. De Paalma 1955-c.
Capt Ernest A. Headberg Jr. 1957-c.
Capt Carl A. Bender 1960-25 Jun 1960
Lt Col Chester G. Palmer 31 Mar 1970
Lt Col Carl W. Roy 18 May 1970
Lt Col John C. Foley 1972--

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