Lineage and Honors History
of the
405th Air Police Squadron
Assigned TSN AB, TDY, 1965
Tan Son Nhut AB, TDY, 1965



    Constituted 405th Air Police Squadron on 15 Oct 1952.
    Activated on 1 Dec 1952.
    Inactivated on 8 Oct 1957.
    Discontinuted and Inactivated, on 8 Jan 1966.
    Redesignated 405th Security Police Squadron on 12 Nov 1971.
    Activated on 31 Dec 1971.






Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards:

South Vietnam, 2 Apr-2 Sep 1967

  • 405 Air Base Group, 1 Dec 1952-8 Oct 1957;
  • 405th Air Base (later, Combat Support) Group, 9 Apr 1959-8 Jan 1966;
  • 405th Combat Support Group, 31 Dec 1971-.


  • Godman AFB, KY, 1 Dec 1952;
  • Langley AFB, VA, 16 Apr 1953-8 Oct 1957.
  • Clark AB, Philippines, 9 Apr 1959-8 Jan 1966.
  • Clark AB, Philippines, 31 Dec 1971-.


  • 1st Lt Richard H Cox, 1 Dec 1952;
  • Capt Holbrook W Davies, 31 Mar 1953;
  • Maj Robert T Best, Feb 1954;
  • Maj Cecil Burkett, c. 1956;
  • Col Gwynn A Lyell, 31 Mar 1957-8 Oct 1957;
  • Maj Roger G Benton, 9 Apr 1959;
  • Lt Col Arthur G Phillips Jr, 1961;
  • Lt Col Thomas R Cook Jr, 1961;
  • Maj Melvin L Poundstone, Feb 1962;
  • Maj Holbrook W Davies, 8 Jul 1962;
  • Lt Col William C Nutting, 8 Jul 1963;
  • Lt Col Raymon E Smythe, 24 May 1965;
  • Maj Russell Bailey, 20 Jul 1965;
  • 1st Lt Theodore R Lindley, 2 Sep 1965;
  • Capt David S Smith, 28 Oct 1965;
  • Maj Hugh R Shannon, 26 Nov 1965-8 Jan 1966.


EMBLEM: (Information furnished by AF Mil Pers Cen (DPMSAA3), Randolph AFB, Tex, 28 Feb 1972.)

DESCRIPTION: On a disc divided into three (3) parts by three (3) Air Force golden yellow lines radiating from the center, the one palewise to chief bisecting the two smaller parts, the thrid part falling in base; the first section in dexter (right) chief, red charged with a sword pointing to the center of the disc surmounted by an oval shield, the second section in sinister (left) chief, red charged with a padlock, the third section in base, Air Force blue charged with a pair of balancing scales supported by a hand in natural flesh tones, all Air Force golden yellow, details and shading golden brown; all within a narrow golden yellow border.

SIGNIFICANCE: The emblem is symbolic of the squadron and its mission. The sword represents military might and the shield indicates a defensive rather than an offensive action. The lock is a symbol of security, the chief function of the Air Police. The hand represents the frim grasp with which the military police hold the scales of justice. The red field of the emblem signifies the blood the Air Police are prepared to give in defense of this nation, and the blue field represents honesty and integrity. The emblem bears the Air Force colors, ultramarine blue and golden yellow.

Approved. Approved by HQ USAF on 4 May 1960. 163405 A. C. - K-11803.

PATCHES (Phan Rang AB: RVN).

377th Security Police Squadron Emblem, Tan Son Nhut405th Security Police Squadron, patches, Phan Rang AB: RVN 377th Security Police Squadron Emblem, Tan Son Nhut405th Security Police Squadron, patches, Phan Rang AB: RVN  

MOTTO: None.

    DATE PREPARED. 11 Oct 2000

    SUPERSEDES statement prepared on 25 Aug 1988

    PREPARED by Helen Weaver

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