Lineage and Honors History
of the

31st Security Police Squadron
Tuy Hoa AB, South Vietnam, 15 Jul 1967-15 Oct 1970


  • Designated Squadron B, 31st Airdrome Group on 6 Nov 1947.
  • Organized on 20 Nov 1947.
  • Discontinued on 25 Aug 1948.
  • Consolidated (12 Oct 1984) with the 31st Air Police Squadron, Fighter, Jet, which was constituted on 15 Jun 1948.
  • Activated on 22 Aug 1948.
  • Redesignated 31st Air Police Squadron on 20 Jan 1950.
  • Inactivated on 1 Jul 1952.
  • Activated on 25 Sep 1957.
  • Inactivated on 1 Jan 1959.
  • Redesignated 31st Security Police Squadron, and Activated 9 Jun 1967.
  • Organized on 15 Jul 1967.
  • Inactivated on 1 Apr 1994.
  • Activated on 1 Apr 1994.
  • Turner Field (later Turner, AFB), GA, 20 Nov 1947-1 Jul 1952;
  • Turner AFB, GA, 25 Sep 1957-1 Jan 1959;
  • Tuy Hoa AB, South Vietnam, 15 Jul 1967-15 Oct 1970 ;
  • Homestead AFB, FL, 15 Oct 1970-1 Apr 1994;
  • Aviano AB, Italy, 1 Apr 1994-



    A Campaign Streamer is a Vietnam Service Streamer with the name and dates of the campaign embroidered on it. With one exception, the Vietnam Air-Ground Campaign, a unit qualified for a campaign streamer if it was based in Vietnam or engaged in combat in Southeast Asia during the period of a designated campaign.

["Current issue battle streamer as used on US military flags. Overall length 49" embroidered in white on the color of the "Vietnam Service" medal ribbon. This practice dates from June 1920 as prescribed by the Secretary of War and continues to this day." ]


  • Vietna m Air Offensive, Phase II 1967-1968
  • Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase II 1967-1968
  • Vietnam Air / Ground Offensive 1968
  • Vietnam Air/Ground 1968

  • Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase III 1968
  • Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase III 1968
  • Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase IV 1968-1969 Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase IV 1968-1969

  • Tet 69/Counteroffensive 1969
  • TET 69/Counter-Offensive, 1969

  • Vietnam Summer/Fall 1969
  • Vietnam Summer-Fall 1969

  • Vietnam Winter-Spring, 1969-1970.
  • Vietnam Winter-Spring 1969-1970

  • Sanctuary Counteroffensive, 1970.
  • Sanctuary Counter-Offensive 1970

    Southwest Monsoon, 1970.
    Southwest Monsoon, 1 July-30 November 1970



    The Vietnam Service Streamer, a unit award analogous to the award of the medal and ribbon for the individual. is identical to the ribbon in design and color. A United States Air Force (USAF) unit qualified for the Vietnam Service Streamer if it was based in South Vietnam at any time between 1 July 1958 and 14 November, or 29 January through 28 March 1973.* A unit based during these same periods in Thailand and flying missions into or over Vietnam also received the Vietnam Service Streamer. Nonpaying combat support units based in Thailand at any time between 1 July 1958 and 28 March 1973 are also entitled to the service streamer.
    * Units earned the appropriate campaign streamers between 15 November 1961 and 28 January 1973.

Presidential Unit Citation:


Vietnam, 1 May-31 Dec 1968.

South Vietnam, 10 Oct 1966-10 Apr 1967

Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards with Combat "V" Device:


Vietnam, 15 Jul 1967-30 Apr 1968.
South Vietnam, 2 Apr-2 Sep 1967

ORGANIZATIONAL EMBLEM: 31ST Security Police Squadron

Unit Emblem History:

    - Constituted 31st Air Police Squadron on 15 Jun 1948

    - Redesignated 31st Security Police Squadron on 9 Jun 1967.

    31st Security Police Squadron Emblem - 197031st Security Police Squadron Emblem - 1970

    -- Emblem approved on 5 May 1969:

      -- Revised Emblem Requested
      on 28 Jun 1994

      -- Revised Emblem Approved 25 Oct 1994. (see attached)


  Suggested     PMS NO.OF
Full: Cable No. Subdued Colors:   FULL color:
Ultramarine Blue 67118 Flag Blue 67124 Reflex Blue
Air Force Yellow 67103 SP.Green 67130 116
Marine Corps Red 67154 Garnet 67158 185
Silver Gray 67137 Black 67138 422
Black 65018 Black 67138  

SIGNIFICANCE: The emblem is symbolic of the Squadron and The Air Force colors, golden yellow and ultramarine blue, are used. Ultramarine blue denotes the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations, and yellow the sun and excellence of personnel in assigned duties. The primary element, the dragon, represents the fire power of the combined forces of the squadron which are vital for its mission of defense regardless of location. The three stars symbolize bravery, alertness, and devotion to duty; these attributes are essential to the security policeman in the accomplishment of his duties. The three waves in base depict the squadron's combat capability to defend USAF personnel and resources across any ocean, in any part of the world. The National Colors also are used in the design.


DESCRIPTION: On a blue d isc edged yellow between three white mullets of eight points in chief and three white stylized waves in base, an oriental dragon (yellow with brown details, head, underbody, feet, tail and scales red, eyes, talons and teeth white, pupil of eye black) emitting three red tongues of flame from its mouth. Attached below the disc a blank scroll blue edged yellow.



SUPERSEDES statement prepared on 26 Jun 1967

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