1041st Combat Security Police Squadron


Phu Cat AB
1041st SPS(T) - 13 Jan - 4 July 1968

From: Bob Frink [sgtmaj1@jps.net]
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 1999 6:11 PM
To: dlp@war-stories.com
Subject: Safeside

Just got your e-mail to Steve Ray this afternoon I realize that I have opened a bucket of worms but my intention coincides with Steve's and yours, that we should be as accurate as possible.  I have been in close touch with CMSgt (Ret) Bob Hockanson, who lives just two blocks from me and was our operations sgt in the 1041st and stayed with the unit until it was deactivated at Fort Campbell.

It seems apparent that there were a lot of "fast Eddies" at HQ USAF toward the end of the war and a lot of decisions seem to have been made in relative haste.  Bob Hockanson called me on the phone this afternoon and at my request went through some of his memorabilia which is, in one sense enlightening, but also confusing.  When the 1041st arrived at Fairchild AFB, WA they were soon after redisignated the 4470th Combat Security Police Sq.  That designation did not last for very long and they were then sent back to Schofield Brks as Detachment 1, 82nd Combat Security Police Wing for the purpose of training the follow on squadrons, 821, 822, and 823.  Neither Bob Hockanson nor I can locate a set or orders to support this activity although we know that it was done.

Detachment 1, 82nd Combat Security Police Wing came under Tactical Air Command at that time. I was never aware of any of our Safesider's being "touchy" about the use of the term "CSP" and it seemed to me a logical and realistic moniker for the units in the combat zone.  I will admit that I am probably the "touchy" one when it comes to bantering about the term "Safeside".  Being somewhat protective of the best organization I ever served with in almost 28 years or Army and Air Force Service I can handle the flak.  I am not sorry that I raised this issue Don, in retrospect perhaps I could have begun the effort in a more diplomatic way.  So be it!

I will keep you posted on whatever pops up and that may come by way of information the Bob Hockanson is searching for in his trunk full of memorabilia.

Best Regards,  Bob

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