Đà Nàng AB, Aerial Photos
Da Nang Airport
1) Đà Nàng Air Base(viewed from the East). China Beach, like a ribbon of gold touches the warm waters.
The tip of Monkey Mountain is at the bottom right.
Da Nang Air Base.
1) Đà Nàng Air Base. A fleet of ships anchors off shore to the North. To the East, the bridge to China Beach is visible.
6) Đà Nàng Air Base. Freedom Hill 327, to the West..
3) Đà Nàng AB, Terminal area.                            4) S/E end of the runway, Revetment A/C parking in 1966, and hangered by 1970.
6) Đà Nàng Air Base. Monkey Mountain to the N/E.
Da Nang AB: Marble Mountain to the East. End of war we discovered the entire mountain was an VC/NVA tunnel stronghold.
7) Đà Nàng Air Base: With Marble Mountain to the East. Many a night, in 1965-1966, Marble Mountain was often lite up by mortars and rockets.

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