Binh Thuy AB: Aerial Photos
Binh Thuy Photo by: Tolan.
Viewing from the East - ^
Viewing from the South - v
Binh Thuy Photo by: Tolan.

Both aerial photos leave out two key words:
The first one says "Viewing East - ^" but should say "Viewing from the East -^"
The 2nd one says "Viewing South - v" but should say "Viewing from the South - v"

I was there at Binh Thuy from July 1970 to June 1971, and can also identify most of the buildings, if it ever were to matter :-) The Bassac River was east of the base and the cantonment area, and all the buildings etc were south of the flight line.

Anyway, I love seeing the photos, and it's a great website (!) but thought I would report just this one little glitch...

Thanks and best regards,

Jim Graham
Col, USAF Retired
(was there as a Capt) We Take Care of Our Own
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