Bulletin 2000 -1
AFSFA enters a new millennium!

by Jerry Bullock,
Executive Director


This is our first bulletin of the new year. In fact it is the first in a long time. We have had some problems with the list server and I have been attempting to get the list correct after the large number of bad addresses the last time a bulletin was sent. This will be a test for the system and a needed communiqué to the troops as we begin a new year with the biggest challenge in the history of AFSFA (thanks VSPA for posting this!).

On October 12-14 we will meet in Dayton, Ohio, for our annual meeting. Our meeting place will be the Holiday Inn, Dayton Mall. You can begin making reservations there now; just tell them you are with the Air Force Security Forces Association. We will be publishing a lot more on that in TF and by direct mail as the time gets closer.

Why Dayton? For much too long there has been an absence of security force memorabilia in the Air Force Museum. Some will remember we met in Dayton a few years ago and placed a plaque in the memorial area beside the museum. This year we will unveil "The Defender," a bronze, life-sized statue of a security policeman in combat gear representing the career field from MP to AP to SP to SF. The bronze statue will be mounted on a pentagonal marble pedestal with its faces engraved to show security police/forces at work. The overall height of the statue will be eleven feet. The work will be done by sculptor Eleftherios Karkadoulias, a Dayton/Cincinnati artist well known to the museum and well known in the field of sculpted art. That is the good news. The bad news is that the work will cost us $92,000. This is an ambitious undertaking but one that I am sure we will accomplish. I know cops and I know we can do anything we put our minds to! It sounds like a lot of money but if each of us will take responsibility for raising just $50.00 we will go well over the goal.

MSgt Michael Scott , past president of the Dayton Chapter, has taken the challenge to be the National Coordinator for the raising of funds for the Memorial. He will need lots of help and just an e-mail to encourage him would be welcome. Donations to the Memorial Fund should be sent clearly designated as such to AFSFA, 818 Willow Creek Circle, San Marcos, TX 78666.

In other news, AFSFA is gaining many new members.That is thanks to a bunch of you who have gotten the word out and encouraged your friends to become a part of the organization. (Of course, concurrently each month a few members fail to renew, thereby keeping our growth from being what it should be.) Remember that AFSFA is a unique organization. We publish an outstanding magazine and assist the active troops in many ways, not the least of which is being the largest single contributor to Defender Challenge each year. And we do it without office rent or paid employees. Everyone is a volunteer and we thank you for doing your part.

We still have a few millennium badges in both gold and silver.All of the profits go to the memorial statue. We also still have a few of the first issue air police shields. They range from $100 to 25.,00 depending on condition. Some of the best buys are a few $25.00 badges that have been used on plaques. They have three small holes drilled in them for nails but the faces are near perfect. Pictures of the millennium badges can be found on our Day Room site, .

That is enough for now. I am sure I have stuffed your computer with more than some will take and for that I apologize but all of this is information you need to know.

Jerry Bullock,
Executive Director We Take Care of Our Own
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