635th SPS

Photos and captions by Steven R. Hughes

ut B-52 Reade - 2
1) U-Tapao B-52... Close (Tail is six stories tall!)

ut B-52 Reade - 3
2) U-Tapao B-52... Closer! KC-135's tankers tucked under wing.

ut B-52 Revetment - 1 Day
3) B-52 Revetments. 635th SPS truck heading back from posting troops.
Day time Panorama photo.

ut B-52 Revetment - 2Night
4) B-52's... night missions: Night time Panorama of Revetments lite up!

ut K-9 Handlers-Posting
5) K-9 Handlers ready to post. Note the K-9 Patch on the Thai's shoulder.
ut K-9 Patch

ut MailCall
6) Mail Call is where we all went to collect
our mail when the red flag was lifted.

ut PBX - 1
7) Most everyone will recall the little Thai shops on base. Photo was taken from my room.

ut PBX - 2
8) Down the street from shops. Note the baseball field in
behind the shops, many good games where played there.

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