First Night

USAF, 635th Security Police Squadron
by Vernon J. Anderson
© 2003

First Night

U-Tapao RTN AFB Nov 1972 - May 1973: I arrived as a SSgt T88170A from Lackland AFB Texas assigned to the 635th SPS K-9 Section. After finally completing all of the in-processing and training, I was assigned duties as K-9 Night Supervisor/Training NCO. My first Guardmount went fairly quietly until we all reached the kennel area. Upon entering the kennel office, I was greeted by a group of Thai and GI handlers lined up very silently staring at me. Nothing was said for a while until the apparent group spokesman stepped out and asked me how was I going to supervise "Was it going to be TI Style or what.?"

We retired into the inner office and had our discussion after which, he went out and talked to others. Posting took place without any further incidents and shortly there after, My CQ (Cates or Gates) asked to use the 2 ½ truck to go to the dinning hall. Permission was granted and noting further was heard, until I got word over the radio to meet on duty LE Fight Chief up by the dinning hall. There I personally got introduced to the 635th SPS Commander who took great pleasure in telling me that my CQ took the long way to chow and wrecked the bomb dump gate shack, a 5 ton munitions hauler as well as my 2 1/1 ton truck . What a way to start a tour.

These were Good Times - Bad Times - Sad Times - Fun Times for all of us. Now they are just times to be remembered: Crying , Laughing or Silently, Sadly remembering many of long ago four footed friends and their handlers.

God Bless All Dog Handlers and our Most Trusted K9 Companions!

Vernon J Anderson ( MSgt Retired)
635th SPS K9 Section

U-Tapao Photos

01) K9 Kennel Office 1972/73 era

02) K9 1 ½ ton posting truck

03) View front of kennels of B52 Parking Area

04) Bunkers on Perimeter

05) Distant shot of Base flight line

06) Water Buffalo in front of K9 Kennel Office

07) Bomb Dump (where he took out the gate shack)

08) Base Perimeter off of kennels

09) Buddha Mountain

11) SP Barracks

12) A view from Barracks towards flight line

13) Concession and Laundry Area

14) NCO Club in background

15) View of perimeter behind Barracks

16) Looking back towards main gate


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