Tan Son Nhut AB
377th SPS
"C" Flight Sentry Dogs

Photos by Jerry Roy
© 2002
Scrapbook of A1C Jerry Roy "Sarge A943" "Mobile K-3"

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A few years ago my family pulled out my old pictures and treasures of my days in the military and suggested I put together a scrapbook that they might share after I'm gone... as hard as it was to go back, it was more difficult to put names and faces together with dogs and stories... getting old robs you of the memories of your youth but at the same time going back through the treasures of your past reminds you of all the events and friends that make you what you are... I have great memories even if I can't remember all the faces and all the names ....

The pictures were taken at the 377th SPS K-9 facility at both the old kennel and at the new kennel; the Bob Hope show and the recreation of the stories from Stars and Strips and the "C" Flight Duty Roster of my last day as Mobile K-3, prior to my leaving TSN, and returning to the US and my discharge....

I hope you enjoy the photos

Jerry Roy


Scrapbook of A1C Jerry Roy "Sarge A943" "Mobile K-3"

(1) Duty Roster








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