Tan Son Nhut Air Base
South Vietnam
1962 !

Photos by
Robert (Bob) Anisko

USAF, 2nd Air Division SEA, 33d TAC Grp., 6220 APS

I ran across the two above patches from the early days in Vietnam. I hope you can place them in the "crest and patches" section. Information just received from the Air Force Lineage / History Office at Maxwell AFB, reports that while the 33rd Tactical Group did take over at Tan Son Nhut in June 1963 (while we were still there), the 6220th ABS apparently was a direct reporting unit to the 2nd Air Division. There is no documentation to indicate that the 6220th ever reported to the 33rd Tactical Group. So much for my clear memory after 37 years.

A copy of the 2nd Air Division patch is being attached in case you want to use it for the 6220th ABS Air Police in lieu of the 33rd Tactical Group patch.

Ten of us were at TSN AB, TDY, from December 1962 through June 1963. The Special Order (left photo) is a copy of orders sending 10 of us Air Police TDY from Japan to Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam, in December 1962. Three of us stayed for an additional 90 days.

The order identify Tan Son Nhut (APO 143) as the location and the unit as the 6220th Air Base Squadron to which we were assigned. The 33rd TAC Group, which was subordinate to the 2nd Air Division at the time, doesn't show up on the orders as I thought. The 2nd Air Division came under the 13th Air Force at that time. You can see the reference to the 13th AF on the orders. I'm still trying to do some research on the early days at Tan Son Nhut, but it's skimpy.

Air Force Lineage / History Office at Maxwell AFB :

I will e-mail you a 3-page summarized version, and the 13 page document I received from the Air Force.

Tan Son Nhut Air Police and SPSs:

6220th ABS / Activated 7 June 62 / Deactivated 8 July 63

2nd Air Division / Activated 10 Sep 62 / Deactivated 1 Apr 66

33rd Tactical Group / Activated 19 June 63 / Deactivated 8 Jul 65

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