Tan Son Nhut Air Base

377th SPS, Augmentee
Auggie Dogs
Proven In Combat

by Michael Pittman
© 2002

I was at Tan Son Nhut, Nov 1971 - Nov 1972, assigned to the 377th ABW, and my last five months I was "volunteered" to work with the 377th SPS as a Augmentee, or as you cops called us, "Auggie Dogs". I arrived as an A1C and left a Buck Sgt

I was assigned to Resource Protection (call sign Blue 5) in the 700 area, and would roam the area to insure thefts were kept to a minimal and remember talking to the "Static Patrol" person assigned to the entrance to the 700 area almost everyday (12 hour shifts). Do not remember many names but I do remember one SP named "Murphy" (I think) who used to get out on the main road and direct traffic. His arm and whistle antics were very funny to the Vietnamese and GIs.

I was also assigned to Nakhon Phanom RTAFB: (Aug 1974 - Oct 1975) and worked as an
Augmentee with the 56th SPS pulling parimeter duty in the towers during the "Thai Guard Strikes" and the Mayaguez Incident. The saddest day in my life happen in May 1975 when we lost 18 Security Policemen and crew when their CH-53 helicopter crashed in support of the SS Mayaguez. We were a small base and everyone knew each other.

I just wanted to say "Thanks" to the real SP's that I had the privilegy of working with and sharing those wonderful meals off the back of the Chow Jeeps. I know I am not a brother cop but I hope I can at least be a honorary brother or half-brother. Anyway thanks again to all the SPs that protected "US" 24/7 and you all truly deserve the motto "PROVEN IN COMBAT.

Michael B. Pittman

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