Tan My, Loran Station
DET 1/ 366th Security Police Squadron

Courtesy US Coast Guard

The commissioning of Tan My, Loran Station, RVN, August 1969. In the forground is the Coast Guard detachment and in the rear is the U. S. Air Force detachment assigned to protect the site.

This SP guard post, mounting a .50 caliber machine gun, is in the antenna field -- a very lonely and isolated position.



Why they were there. The tower in August 1969.





U. S. Air Force personnel provided security for the Tan My Loran station until it closed.

VSPA's lip reading translation:

Left Airman: "Hey Squid... are you TAKING MYYYY PICTURE?!"

Center: Relax... Squid's ain't use to having REAL Air-MEN around.

Right: "... and Lord, bless this food and all squids. Amen."




Construction of the warehouse. Notice Vietnamese workers under Air Force guard. Also note watertanks in back of ware house.



This is a very large target. The guard tower in any compound in Vietnam
was a good point of reference for enemy mortar, rocket or artillery fire. We Take Care of Our Own
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