Ubon RTAFB, Thailand 9/65-12/65
377th SPS, TAN SON NHUT, 11/66-7/67


Ted Janiak, a native of Chicago, IL, enlisted in January 1964.  His first assignment after Basic Training was the 4629th Support SQDN, Phoenix Air Defense Sector, ADC, at LUKE AFB, AZ, where security was his primary function.  One year later, he was reassigned (along with all SP's in the SQDN) to the 4510th SPS, TAC, also at LUKE AFB.  This change brought about new duties in security and law enforcement.
       In September 1965, Ted was TDY to Ubon, RTFAB, Thailand for a four month overseas tour, along with 33% of his SQDN and an equal number of SP's from MC DILL AFB, FL, all of whom were attached to the 431st TAC FTR SQDN.  One of the many recollections Ted has of his tour in Thailand in 1965 was the fact that, although they had M16's on base, the SP's only carried wooden staffs on post.  These were really DEFENSIVE WEAPONS only, against all the snakes that were encountered daily.
       Mid 1966 found Ted TDY, this time to GILA BEND AFS, AZ, to augment the small SP squadron that was being decimated by reassignments to Viet Nam. Then the INEXCAPEABLE" came in Sept 1966: orders to report to LACKLAND AFB, TX for AZR training prior to TAN SON NHUT AB, and the 377th SPS.  Ted was Honorably Discharged AlC in July 1967.  

(Ted Janiak passed away in 1999)

Reprinted from VSPA Guardmount - Jan 1999