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Edgar Moran may have been a Dolphins fan, but he moved from West Virginia to Pennsylvania where he completed his Senior year High School and he loved hunting the hills in Pennsylvania. According to his Obituary he told his family he joined the Air Force to help his family, Mom and 3-4 sisters. He wanted to buy Mom a car. I heard no mention of Dad. In a letter home he also told them that he wanted to come home with a Purple Heart and a Silver Star. I wrote a letter like that one time, so I can see another guy doing that. Edgar is buried in the Military section of the Cemetery in Chartiers Pennsylvania. He was a choir member in school and was less than one year after graduating when he died in the accident. I should dig out the obit and type it into the e-mail. He got quite a write up for a country that tired of South East Asia. Mike Zak, another SP from NKP gave me the obit copies, and you might remember him, or Roger Robison. I never did find out where Roger went.


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(Photo: Edgar Moran, 3rd from Right, hand touching beret)

Non-Hostile Action, Thailand
May 13, 1975

AIRMAN - Air Force
19 year old Male
Born on Feb. 16, 1956
56th SPS, NKP Thailand
Casualty was on May 13, 1975
Non Hostile, Helicopter Crash
SS Mayaguez Rescue Operation
Body was recovered
Panel 01W - Line 128

VSPA ... We Remember....

From: Riley Pat R MSG 171 SFS/SFOA ]
Subject: Edgar Moran

Dear Mr. Poss,
On May 13, 2004 we placed a wreath on Airman Edgar Moran's grave. He is buried in Chartier's Cemetery in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. Sending a few pictures.
Patrick Riley

Left to right: SSgt Bruce Bistarkey (171st Security Forces Squadron, PAANG), SSgt John Snow (1/110 Infantry, Paang), MSgt Patrick Riley (171st Security Forces Squadron, PAANG) We Take Care of Our Own
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