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SGT - Air Force
SS Mayaguez
In Memoriam
56th Security Police Squadron, NKP

by Dale E. Higgs

Attached is the 1st Mayaguez mission photo. These were sent to my Mom by Cpt Michael J. Petherick, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, CINCPACAF, in November of 1975. Both photos (the one you already have posted and this one) are B&W 8.5x11.

In this photo you can see Dave standing to the right of the man in OD 507's, with his left side turned towards the camera and his hand to his mouth. At the time this was taken, Dave had been made a Panther Team leader (this from a letter he had sent to relatives two days prior to the mission).

USAF 56th Security Police await boarding helicopter.
Close-up 1    Close-up 2

It may be possible to recognize personnel by comparing above photos to the below photo.


Helicopter's Interior

SGT - Air Force
20 year old Male
Born on May 05, 1955
56th SPS, NKP Thailand
Casualty was on May 13, 1975
Non Hostile, Helicopter Crash
SS Mayaguez Rescue Operation
Body was recovered
Panel 01W - Line 126

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